did you guys know that u should follow vivi

shes super cool

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Anonymous confessed: I feel like the RPing will either die, or flare up once the manga ends.

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I wrote them for a reason okay.

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Alright so I guess I really shouldn’t’ve posted that ask.

Didn’t mean to make Tumblr explode.

Anonymous sent: My respect for Soulresonancescythe dropped drastically after she mentioned her sexuality. It's disgusting that she would go against god like that.

Okay no.

Just no.

Fuck you, sir Anon.

This comment is so fucking stupid.

Yes, alright you’re religious. That’s really great. No sarcasm, I swear. I find it awesome that you are capable of believing in something that I, myself, can’t. It always nice to have someone to believe in.

But you know what?

If her being bisexual is only wrong because it goes against your religion, then you being religious is wrong because it goes against my religion.

And you know what? Katie is a pretty fucking awesome person. She’s kind, and sweet, and is amazingly talented at writing and character development. Who gives a damn if she like girls or guys! Who cares what she does, so long as she is healthy and happy?

I fail to see how, a person who is nothing but kind,could harm your own damn life through what they say and feel? If you really have a problem with it, stay away from her blog. There isn’t anything you can do to change her, because Katie is Katie.

Your life has nothing to do with hers, and the same to her.


/end rant/

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 Anonymous confessed - I feel like SE and FMA RPers are all from the same series- they interact so often!


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Anonymous confessed: I wish I had the confidence to interact with other Soul Eater roleplayers.

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Anonymous confessed: I think it’d be better, if a lot of the RPers I know, just said they were a group. That’s what it feels like.

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Hey guys!

We now have three lovely mods c:

I just thought you should know, because confessions will be coming out quicker now!

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Anonymous confessed: Manly-bookworm will be the only Manka, in my eyes.